If you have a battery need that requires special specifications, you have come to the right place. Our partners are carefully selected based on safety, quality, “state of the art” technologies and access to cells for us to use in design and assembly of high performing and safe batteries for customer applications.
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Custom battery design

The heart of your energy system is a battery. A reliable, safe and high-performance battery design starts with the following questions: Where and how do I start to specify my battery? And what parameters are important for my battery design?  

There are many criteria’s to be considered when designing a battery. The design and assembly of customized battery packs requires special skills, expertise and experience. Our almost 30 years of experience offers you the SCHIVE “know how”.  

We work closely with our customers from concept, design and engineering to assembly testing and logistics. Our R&D department has a vast knowledge from the automotive, oil & gas and telecom industry. Based on parameters that are essential to your application, such as battery chemistry, configuration, energy density, formfactor, economy and safety, we can identify what will be your best choice.

Battery consultancy

We can perform analysis of your battery design, battery investigation and failure analysis, and if you need an on-site training on batteries, battery safety or other battery topics we would be happy to assist. 

Battery assembly

Recognizing that the battery is the heart of the power system, we can build your battery to ensure that it stays healthy and reliable throughout the battery life cycle.

SCHIVE, The Battery Specialist has been a battery designer and assembler for almost 30 years, focusing on high quality and reliability batteries. We do inhouse and local assembly of medium to high complexity batteries (packs) to our customers specifications. Batteries to be operated in various industrial segments, typically in harsh environment characterized by demanding conditions such as high or low temperature, pressure, and shock. Our local assembly partner AXXE AS is a contract manufacturer / assembler of electronics and batteries. They focus on companies with complex products operating in harsh environments and with special needs for flexibility, interaction, workmanship and quality. Togehter we have the following certifications: ISO 9001:2015, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001 and “Ex factory Quality Assurance Statement” which confirms that our quality systems satisfy all relevant parts of Directive 94/EC (Appendix IV) and EN ISO/IEC 80079-34:2011. Our operators are certified against IPC-A-610 and IPC-J-STD-001 class 2 and 3.

Battery Testing

Test and Qualify your lithium cells and batterie. Make sure it conforms to the performance and life it is required to conform to.

When testing a battery, three “State of health” (SoH) indicators must be evaluated: Capacity, Internal resistance and self-discharge. The are no practical method to identify all conditions of a battery in a short, comprehensive test. With high precision Battery testing solutions from ARBIN Instruments, SCHIVE can provide battery testing and analysis services to our professional customers. SCHIVE can conduct analyses on primary and rechargeable cells and batteries for basic charge / discharge cycling, and simulating complex real-world applications such as drive profiles, telecom pulses, or other custom profiles which can predict "real" behavior that has emissions or other errors. We do internal comparison test of various manufactures cells which gives us. This gives our engineers objective and important test data.  

We provide UN Transportation testing and other certifications according to UL, CB, IEC etc.

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