Offshore / Marine

People who work offshore know what we mean when saying that the ocean can be brutal and dangerous. As a battery specialist we are aware that our batteries for offshore & marine play a critical role in our customers' operations in harsh environments outside the coast or far away from land.

Whether your company works in navigation, aquaculture or with products such as oceanographic and environmental monitoring systems, SCHIVE knows how to design and assemble your safe and high-performance marine battery.

SCHIVE has a good reputation as a Battery Specialist within various offshore applications. Our market is a good mix of rechargeable Li-ion and Lithium primary batteries.

Fish farming

Aquaculture / fish farming

There is an electrification going on in the aquaculture segment, batteries are required in increasingly more fish farm facilities and equipment used. Vessels associated with transport operations will need batteries for either fully electric or hybrid propulsion.



SCHIVE has for many years been a highly respected supplier to this segment where typical applications can be lithium primary batteries packs for buoys doing weather and environmental monitoring in arctic areas where sunshine can be absent. It can be tsunami detection buoys or marine beacons powered by Lithium-ion batteries and solar panels.  

Oil-Gas installations

Oil& Gas installations

We power equipment like Positioning systems, Gas detectors, Automation and Control systems with battery solutions.

Maritme robotics


SCHIVE is offering DNV-GL certified Energy Storage Solution (ESS) which uses a proprietary battery management system, innovative cell temperature management, and safety event management solution to ensure clean, reliable power remains available in the harshest environments. The system has a scalable architecture – technology supports voltages up to 1250VDC and installations beyond 10MWh.


As a Battery Specialist, SCHIVE always follow this priority when specifying and proposing a new battery for offshore / marine applications:

  1. Safety
  2. Performance
  3. Life
  4. Cost

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