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Whether it is for industrial operations or commercial products, you need robust and reliable batteries to power your equipment. SCHIVE, The Battery Specialist will make sure that you get the best battery solution that maximize battery performance and safety, and minimize the risk of technical issues, costly complaint handling, and dissatisfied clients.

With more than 30 years of experience, and a team consisting of a wide range of skilled and experienced battery experts, SCHIVE is a specialist in design, engineering and assembly of high-performance and safe battery solutions for a variety of industrial segments. We are well positioned to support battery solutions and services for the future demand for “green energy”, and to support our customers with smarter and more efficient energy solutions. We are involved in various applications like;

Batteries for tracking


Battery operated tracking-devices must have reliable and robust batteries, guaranteed to withstand varying temperatures, chock and vibration for a long time in all climates. Our customers develops world class vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions. Realtime positioning for portable equipment. Tracking of shipping containers with temperature surveillance. GSP /Satellite tracking of humans and animals. 

Batteries for Internet of thing (IoT). We think, a network of battery-powered electronic devices that allows things to connect, communicate and interact, cannot function without long life and safe batteries.


Instrument and meetering


Batteries for metering and instrumentation have to fulfill the highest quality requirements for the right price.



Sometimes our batteries need to operate in stations for weather and climate monitoring in the most remoted areas in the High Norths, where the stations occasionally are attacked by polar bear. There are extraordinary battery requirements due to periods with very low temperatures and polar nights half of the year.



Protection and monitoring of assets and people have become an important part of the smart city concept, and security devices like burglar alarms, fire detectors, gas detectors, sensors and cameras and access controls requires both primary and rechargeable batteries.

Agriculture applications

AGRICULTURE applications

SCHIVE know-how to design and build batteries for use in harsh environments. Great efforts are being made to make agriculture more automated, autonomous and robotized, which is a fast growing market for propulsion batteries and Sensor (IoT) batteries.



As a Battery Specialist, SCHIVE always follow this priority whenspecifying and proposing a new industrial battery:

  1. Safety
  2. Performance
  3. Life
  4. Cost

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