Below sea level, on the seabed or below seabed, things starts to get complicated. Our customers completely depend on reliable battery systems to run critical underwater and down hole operations. Therefore they use SCHIVE as their battery specialist.

Whether you are you deep down, at the water surface, or somewhere in between, we will support you with reliable battery solutions operating in one of the most demanding places on earth. As The Battery Specialist, we perfectly know how to deal with extraordinary conditions and requirements as temperatures, pressure, shock, and lifetime expectations, where operational interruption due to unforeseen battery problems are not an option.

AUV Robotics

Autonomous underwater vehicles & and marine robotics.

Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, AUVs, ROVs and UIVs have a few things in common; they do all offer clear advantages and drawbacks, and they are all operating autonomously under challenging environments with battery requirements to include high capacity and extraordinary reliable. This to ensure mission success for thrusters, sensors and IMR tools. Pressure tolerant batteries are often a part of the requirement.

Subsea batteries


The electrification in oil & gas applications has just started. Reduced operating costs, improved energy efficiency, uptime, stability and HSE factors like reduced noise, vibration and the environmental benefits makes the oil companies focusing on electrification. The industry will need a lot of batteries. SCHIVE offers scalable “subsea energy storage batteries” (ESS), which enables the subsea industry to power subsea equipment, and to recharge marine robotics, autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) and electric remote operated vehicles (eROV). SCHIVE offers both primary and secondary subsea batteries. Our experience is that customer specifications for Subsea batteries are very different when it comes to capacity and formfactor, but also for the most critical parameters, that really requires high level of competence, such as lifetime, ranging from one and up to twenty-five years and pressure requirements from 10 bars (100 meters) and up to 300 bars (3000 meters).

Actuators and Sensor batteries

Actuators and Sensor batteries for
production systems.

Electrical control of subsea valves is of importance in subsea control -and production systems, and a part of the “all electric” concept which is fast growing. The electrical actuator which needs battery solutions and a high level of risk-reduction (SIL), is used to operate subsea valves to control process fluid in both process systems and in production systems and requires batteries.

Seismic / Geophysical Survey


Oil and gas explorers use seismic surveys to locate oil and gas reservoirs and to estimate the reservoir potential. The two basic geophysical surveys are “towed streamer” and “Ocean bottom seismic” (OBS). Both technologies are recording huge amounts of data in a time-limited period where battery reliability is essential. SCHIVE has during three decades, effectively supplied batteries to Seismic Vessels wherever they have been operating in the world.  

For the Seismic industry, we supply highenergy Bobbin cells and ‘off the shelf’ Elecrochem 3PD0932 non-magnetic lithium primary battery packs (SLB-150) powering Digibird products.

Downhole batteries


No other battery applications has similar high requirements for the ability of cells and batteries to withstand high temperature, high vibration,and high shock. This unique environment requires a BATTERY SPECIALIST to carefully select, specify, design and build the batteries for their application. SCHIVE has the capability and know-how to design and build batteries for down hole applications.

SCHIVE knows Downhole batteries. Well Intervention tools, Drilling equipment. (MWD, LWD). High temperatures, up to 225°C

Pipeline inspections


In PIGs (Pipeline Inspection Gauges), there are very strict requirements to robustness. The PIG battery operates and travels for a very long distance inside the pipeline. The requirements to safety and reliability on cells and batteries are very high.

 As a Battery Specialist, SCHIVE always follow this priority when specifying and proposing a new subsea battery;

  1. Safety
  2. Performance
  3. Life
  4. Cost 

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