We provide several different battery designs meeting quality, safety, documentation and traceability requirements.
For battery solutions, we use Hans H. Schive as our partner. They have supported us with different battery designs, battery supplies and support for both our «Polycon» and for for our next generation of wireless intercom system «PNG». Our customers are extremely demanding and we have found that Hans H. Schive meets all our quality, safety, documentation and traceability requirements.
Petter Johnsen, CTO - Axnes

Axnes AS develops and supplies advanced and highly durable wireless intercom solutions for use inside and outside aircraft and in other demanding applications. Axnes is an EASA Part 21 and Part 145 approved organization and are well known for its successful POLYCON wireless ICS extention.

PNG is the next generation wireless intercom system for aircraft and demanding applications from Axnes.

PNG is a wireless ICS extension for use both in rotary and fixed wing aircraft. It provides both full Duplex and secure communication. The system is highly ruggedized and has a robust range.

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